Creating a superb Cottonwood kitchen is a thoughtful process. Critical to the success of each project is the design phase. You will find the Cottonwood designers to be some of the most talented and experienced designers in the country. These designers understand there are no short cuts to design excellence. The process begins by first helping you determine the perfect aesthetic for your home. Each showroom is equipped with a collection of exquisite finished samples, door styles and designers with an abundance of product knowledge. Efficient space planning, correct scale and personal client needs are all the essential ingredients to an exquisite Cottonwood kitchen. This wisdom is assembled into a professional set of technical drawings that will communicate exactly what will be built for your project. We further make a physical door sample for your approval that is used as a guide in crafting your furniture at Cottonwood. This is our up-front process before anything is constructed.

Now let's get started today on making your home as stunningly beautiful as it can be. After all, this choice will undoubtedly establish the success of your entire project.