Below are real letters that we have received from clients that have helped motivate us to give the highest quality work every day.

I am truly remiss in letting you know how fabulous the kitchen looks. The wood is truly beautiful, and I love how the butler pantry turned out. Always afraid it would be too tight, but it's just fine. Can't believe how the sun is warming up the color in the bleached walnut. They are such beautiful doors with the framed glass. - Judy

A Business is known by its satisfied customers. I am proud to say that I am pleased with your fine quality and especially the follow through service that you continue to give. A job at Cottonwood Cabinets will always be one that will be done right, and that will meet and exceed ones expectations.

It is not often that a team can work so well together. I think it starts with an owner that expects excellence and hires people like Norris, Mitch, George and countless other employees working behind the scene to get a job done in a very professional manner.

I am pleased with the quality of my cabinets, and you can count on me to give a great recommendation to all of my friends. If we ever build a new home, there will be no question in my mind of who will do the BEST job!

Thank you again for a beautiful kitchen that I can count on to stay gorgeous for many years to come. Please feel free to have any of your clients use me as a reference.

Most sincerely, - Connie Johnson

I wanted to write a note to express my appreciation to you for being so generous in providing and installing new cabinets for our master bathroom. They really turned out beautifully, and my wife is thrilled. And if she is happy, everyone can sleep at night. We always appreciate the Cottonwood quality that goes into all of our jobs. - Sincerely, Doug and Endy Preston

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your wonderful staff on the speedy completion and delivery of my fabulous kitchen cabinetry. Your enormous efforts were so successful that I did, in fact, have a kitchen for the holidays and a sensational one at that. I know your company re-adjusted the work schedule to complete my kitchen and that many people worked very hard at reaching an early completion for me. I shall never forget your expeditious task, the efforts of Matt Whinnie and Design Concepts in Chicago. I am thankful to all.

As an architect, I am so impressed with the dovetail joinery and the solid construction of my cabinets. The finish, however, is more than spectacular. The Cabinets are simply gorgeous. As a whole, the cabinets make the kitchen look like fine furniture; a goal I am sure you have strived hard to attain. It is the most beautiful kitchen cabinets I have ever seen. Every friend and neighbor who has seen the finished product is breathless.

There is no question that I am a devout "Cottonwood". You were my hero. In the future, I will bring my clients to Design Concepts and head strait to the Cottonwood area.

May you find peace, health and happiness for the new year and I wish you success on all your future endeavors.

Sincerely and Gratefully, -Cheron Stern

Thanks for all your work and help regarding our cabinets in our new home. We are appreciative of the time and effort and the energy that you spent in our behalf.

Very truly yours, - Warren G. Tate

A note to thank you for going several extra miles in assuring that our kitchen and bath cabinets are the finest in the world.

We thought we had the ultimate cabinets in last year, when we lived in London, but I can assure you that a company from Germany with a name that begins with P takes back seat to your firm.

I Wish that all businesses exercised the care and precision you've demonstrated.

If we may be of help in acquainting others with your firm, please call.

Best wishes, - Sterling D. Sessions

We've just recently had our kitchen cabinets redone through Boswell and Elder Construction. Just a compliment about your installer Bucky. I've been around for a number of years and want you to know that I have not met another installer of any type who has been more accommodating and more careful to be concerned about our needs and not only in the way that he worked but in his willingness to cooperate and to make this an outstanding job. My wife is absolutely delighted with the cabinets, the installation, and everything. Even though there was some mixups and quite a time delay in having this installation happen, your young man certainly helped to take the sting out of those mixups by his courteous and professional manner. Thanks again for a job well done.

Very truly yours, - Dean Fairbank

Just thought I would drop a note to tell you how pleased we are with your cabinets. Your company has provided us with excellent service and we have had numerous comments about the quality of the cabinets and how they look like excellent, fine furniture.

We would especially like to thank George Deavers for his time spent consulting with us on our design and purchase. Also, both Dutch and Norris are to be commended for their excellent work in installation and touch up and finish.

Of all the subcontractors that we have dealt with, it would be my estimation that you have done the best job for us. We certainly appreciate your efforts and have recommended you to several other people for their new homes.

Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

Yours very truly, - Larry Croft

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your fine organization for a job well done!

Mr. Dial, this is the second time we have invested our time and money with Cottonwood, both with complete satisfaction. All minor problems were dealt with in a timely and proper manner with complete satisfaction.

Mr. George Deavor treated our project as a true professional and made certain everything was completed acording to design. When we encountered problems with counter tops, he made certain we got what we paid for. Paul, the installer was meticulous, thoughtful, and professional as the project was put together. Please give my utmost thanks to these two gentlemen who represent you well!

We are very fortunate as consumers to have a busienss such as yours in the Salt Lake are. Thank you the second time around.

Sincerely yours, -Robert A. Adams, Captain, Delta Airlines

Miriam and I wish to again thank you, as well as others at Cottonwood Mill for the fine experience we had in having you do the cabinetry work for our new home.

You were gracious enough to spend part of your New Years Eve with us at your office when we were deciding on a design, wood to be used, etc. Your willingness to help, as well as your fine displays, played an important part in our deciding to have Cottonwood do our cherry wood cabinets.

We compliment your installers. They were pleasant during the installation and were never hesitant in making final adjustments or repairing damage done by some of the sub-contractors.

We extend our thanks also to those choosing the wood that was used. In each piece, the wood matches perfectly. We know that when it did not, you made the necessary changes.

We would be pleased in recommending Cottonwood to anyone that is considering the highest quality and the best cabinetry in their homes.

Sincerely, - Bob and Miriam Martin

We are rather slow in doing this, but would like to let you know how happy we have been with our cabinets and your services. John Cornwall was our salesman, and with every aspect he provided patience and consideration of our needs. Whenever there were unknowns, he would seek answers, and this made us feel confident we were receiving exactly what we wanted. Your installers, particularly Brent, Norris and Don, were always courteous and used great care and skill in their work. They made sure everything was completed to our satisfaction, and we have since recommended your company to our friends and neighbors.

Thank you again, and we will call on you for any cabinet needs we may have in the future.

Sincerely, - Erin and Rob Bowers