About Us

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Cottonwood Canyons of the Wasatch Range is a furniture mill specializing in fine kitchen cabinetry. Cottonwood is more than a mill; it is a place of uncompromising commitment to design and detailing as well as exceptional quality.

We attract award-winning designers who, along with highly skilled craftsmen, work hand-in-hand to create magnificent home environments. From the selection of the finest raw materials to the artistically hand applied finishes; lasting quality comes together daily at Cottonwood. The results are signature designs that have a one of a kind enduring feeling, delivering state-of-the-art furniture for every room in your home. Heart-warming kitchens, elegant bathroom suites, functional utility rooms, dramatic entertainment centers, heirloom display cases, relaxing bars, as well as stately home office libraries.

Cottonwood fine kitchen furniture... designed and built for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Why Cottonwood

Choosing the right level of quality for your luxury home is essential for the success of your entire project. Cottonwood hits this mark. Plain and simple, achieving this requires superb talent, state of the art equipment and the very best in material selection. You can count on Cottonwood's commitment to providing not only cutting edge design but a level of workmanship that is second to none. From painstaking wood selection to precision fabrication, to exceptional specialty work, to exquisite finishing; Cottonwood is the right choice for your home.

Our History

Humble beginnings. Founded in 1980 by Brent Dial and Steve Arneson COTTONWOOD was born. The lower portion of the structure was once a chicken coop (see photo below).  A garage door was removed and converted into the showroom entrance.  Cabinets were transported up a very rickety elevator to the second-floor finish room. OSHA was not impressed.  Fortunately, commitment to customer satisfaction and the fact that the founders are FIRST designers followed by production expertise has resulted in consistent and steady growth.      

Cottonwood's expansion to its current location came in 1986 and once again in 2001. 1987 was the year COTTONWOOD began building a dealer network outside the state of Utah. Starting first in Colorado and next in California; COTTONWOOD has grown to representation in 9 states. Understanding the shipping aspect of their product nationally and the necessary system to do so has proven to be valuable to their continued success.


The Mill Today

Our Philosophy

"Creating high-quality innovative cabinetry through personalized attention to detail".

From the beginning COTTONWOOD has built its company on one simple phrase “Do what you say”. As most people realize, truthfully following this day in and out is indeed challenging. None the less a motto we live by each and every day. We understand the importance of being counted on for quality in so many essential spaces within the home.